The Faster I Go, The Behinder I get!

My granny used to say that. What did she expect? She had 11 kids!

Anyway, I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t taken time for myself, my writing, my house or anything, but I’m trying to stop some of the madness so I won’t keep getting ‘behinder’. Remedy? I’ve decided to move my office to another room.

Right now, my office is a little corner of the recording studio. Well, with all of this publishing stuff with Paperback-Press (which I love), I find myself on the phone a lot  while my husband is trying to record, mix or master someone’s music. Ha! Talk about tedious. Sometimes he plays the same line over and over and over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s a perfectionist in that aspect of making it sound the best he can, but really? Most of the time I leave the room so I can conduct business I need to tend to.

When I’m away from my desk I don’t have my computer. No computer, no helping authors with editing, cover art, character development… okay, I can help with character development… I’m just sayin’, something’s gotta give. So, I’m outta here!

Now, as it is, Hubby and I are together almost 24-7. That’s pretty hard to do and stay married happily ever after, but we manage. However, I’ve been looking forward to my new office digs. It will mean aloneness, quiet time, no music blaring in my ears, no dogs running in and out of the dog door, no cussing from the other side of the room when the old man reads the news!

At least that’s what I thought until a while ago. You’re not going to believe what idea he came up with today. Are you ready? A STUPID INTERCOM SYSTEM! That’s right, an intercom. No, no, no and NO! Get your ass up and come into the other room if you want to talk to me. No intercom, no yelling across the house, and I’d like to leave my cell phone in the same room he’s in. That way when he calls, maybe he’ll answer too. Hahahaha! That’ll show him!

No, I’ll need my phone, that’s the main reason I’m moving my office, right?

<sigh> I guess we’ll get an intercom.