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I’ve attended many writing conferences over the years and enjoyed them all. As a matter of fact, I coordinated five ORA conferences in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s, it’s not an easy job. So, (I know, you shouldn’t start a sentence with, so. LOL) I’d like to give applause and say ORAcon2013 was one of the best conferences ever! Bravo to the coordinators and all the volunteers, you did a GREAT job! I’m already looking forward to ORAcon2014!

Over the years, I’ve come to know and love many writing friends, a lot of them attended the event, and it was good to see them. I’ve partnered with some in writing, publishing, editing, teaching, etc., and I’m proud to say I have high respect for each and every one. I don’t have to drop names, they will know who they are if they read this post.

I think it’s amazing how writers pull together to support each other, whether it be to critique a draft manuscript or promote a finished book, we seem to get it done. (Social media has had a big hand in our ability to do so.) Like Cecily White said at the conference, ‘we’re a community’, and I’m proud to live in the neighborhood.

It was a great time Saturday and I learned a lot, but most of all I enjoyed seeing old friends, meeting new ones and getting back in touch with the writing world. What I mean by that is, though I’ve never really left the writing world, this weekend I learned there are sooooo many new avenues to walk down in our community a person could never learn them all! The information age is upon us and it’s definitely moving faster than this old gal! I love it.

Oh, and the book signing on Friday at B&N was a big hit as well.

book signing



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