Becoming a small press publisher

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Paperback Press Publishing Logo



Becoming a small press publisher is a trying, but gratifying experience. My husband and I have had A & S Publishing for years but mostly publish music, so publishing books is a new venture for us.

Our focus is on independent authors who want to keep their own rights, royalties, and every other aspect of their work, while we help them get their stories to the public in a professional way. Our indie authors will be able to use our logo’s, publishing company names, ISBN’s, bar codes, and our formatting expertise for all types of publishing.

A & S Publishing has four imprints, Paperback Press Publishing, e-book Press Publishing, Audio Book Press Publishing and Kids Book Press Publishing. We hope to launch by the first of October, but already have clients waiting. THAT’s exciting!

My real concern is that I won’t have time for my own writing. I a member of some local writing groups and I think they’ll keep me focused. At least I hope so. I have one project that I’ve been working on for a few years now, and can’t seem to get it finished. Maybe I’ll get to write tomorrow seems to come out of my mouth quite often. However, right now I’m thinking, maybe I’ll get to write today.


11 thoughts on “Becoming a small press publisher

  1. I would love to learn more about your Kids Book Press Publishing. I just finished a kids book and am looking for publishers. I love the idea of keeping the right to my work. We should talk =)
    The best advice I ever got from an author? Write everyday, no matter if it’s 10 pages, 10 paragraphs, 10 sentences, or 10 words. Write something everyday.

    • That’s good advice; I’ll try to do that. I would love to talk to you about Kids Book Press. I’m going to be on the panel at Wordfest on the square for the library. We will talk about many different ways to publish. However, I’ll talk over lunch, via message on fb…whatever’s easier for you.

    • I will keep you informed about Kids Book Press. We are going to launch the 15th of October. We just have to get the little kinks worked out so everyone is protected in their work. EXCITING!

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